February 7th, 2006

forget me nots

tags, cereal, holiday, worms

I do not like that you can only view the most recent 100 posts with a tag.
What is the point of tagging something if you can't get to all of them!

I was just eating some Special K snack things and it was right on the tip of
my brain the cereal they tasted like. Sarah helped me figure it out. She was
naming cereals and one triggered it. They taste like Rice Krispy Treats
cereal. Do they still make that? It was really good and these Special K
snacks taste just like it.

Today is "Wiggle all your fingers at your neighbor day." Please celebrate.

My new Arrogant Worms CD came int he mail on Friday. I am happy. I'll pimp
it out better later. Everyone should have some Worms. Anyone who doesn't
know who they are and wants to, let me know and I'll send a mix cd your way.