January 13th, 2006

mikale monster RARRR!

candy, chickens, hair

I received more peanut butter cups. I was away form my desk at the time. But I figured they probably came from the same place.

I left a 'thank you' on bunny paper. And a chicken. ETA:I left a chicken. I didn't leave a thank you *on* it.

I need to take more in. I was looking for them and thought "I lost my chickens!"

Then I thought what a weird thing that was to be thinking. Not a sentence you're likely to hear often.

I found them though so all is well.

I also made my way through the mess to get to one of my book cases and got the two Sloane Tanen books that I have. I told Sarah I would bring them in on Monday. I also foudn a little notebook that I don't really remember buying. I have no idea what I intended to do with it.

I finally shaved my legs after I dont know how long. I took pictures before I did it.

I had to use the trimmer on them pre-razor. Clearly that is some hairy-ness.
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