January 2nd, 2006


crampy, no Nick, dressed, cooking

I got up around 4:30 to take drugs because I couldnt stay sleeping. I kept waking all crampy. It's been a while since they've been so bothersime.

I was supposed to meed Nick today for the negatives but he called me before I left to let me know that he woulodn't be able to make it. Again. So far he's forgotten them or cancelled plans whenever we made them and I have to wonder if he's just putting me off. Hopefully he will bring them to the show opening. He said he would put reminders into his phone so that he'd do it.

On the bright side I'm all ready for the day and actually got dressed and presentable. Not at all like yesterday when I stayed in pajamas up til we went to Walgreens for red pills.

Steve went to the store to buy salad. A while ago. Hope he didn't get lost!

I'm making my way through a large cup of coffee. Hopefully that will inspire me to make tasty thigns later. I have some chocolate bready thigns that were too dry to actually eat normallyso I'm going to whip up some Chocolate Silk and egg and throw it all in a casserole dish with a sprinkling of cinnamon and hopefully it will turn out tasty.

But now it's time for breakfast.
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