January 1st, 2006

mosquito splat

New Year's Eve

Last night we went out. Mostly I think I wanted to just so I could say I didn't do nothing. Which might be dumb. We didn't have anything planned and in the end tagged along with matt last minute. My sore throat and congestion returned a couple days ago and so I've been on drugs again. So drinking my couple drinks made my tummy hurt and so I just didn't have any more. It was water from then on. I'm not usually prone to getting sick and here I've not been able to shake this ick for weeks. Not fully anyway.

We had Chinese take out last night. Yay food! I got prettied up and sparkling and smelling nice. The night wasn't too fabulous though. We were at the party for maybe 2 hours. I didn't know the people there and only really met the two people giving the party while we were there. People were playing beer pong and I watched that but otherwise just sat or stood in a corner sipping my drink. We left there and went to old town but retro was dead. I guess it was pretty bad most of the night. So then we went home, had a couple cookies baked in the toaster oven and some Ben & Jerry's and went to sleep.

Feeling about the same today but my head hurts too. Either this coffee I'm having now will help wioth that or I will treat it with something else afterward. I'll see how it goes.
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