December 9th, 2005

forget me nots

review of this week

Bleah. I feel like ick.

Ok so let's see. The week in review.

I've felt like ick
I have had my entire back sore for several days
I've gotten a sore, sorer, sorer, and sorer throat
my grandma found out she has a blood clot and has been stabbed with needles
all week
I took and then lost custody of some of the best photo work I've done all

I'm tired and want to go back to bed.
baby snow man

year in review

2005 In Review: First sentences from first posts of each month

January: So where I left off, we had just gotten prettied.

February: I'm such a baby.

March: It has been snowing.

April: It's early and I'm awake.

May: Friday: took in 2 rolls of film and larger versions of the posted digital pictures of Ray to Ritz.

June: I want to go to the bat festival!

July: The trip snuck up on me.

August: I'm itchy.

September: I am so tired!

October: I guess the mail bins are going to be delivered later now.

November: Last night Ray and I went to a haunted house.

December: Thing brought on by this morning's ballot box: I am annoyed that people use
the words ignorant and stupid as though they are the same word and you can
just pick one based on your whim!