November 28th, 2005

forget me nots

mail, car, lush

There was a lot of mail today. Apparently a coloring contest started
Thursday and there ended up being a whole bin full that was just coloring
contest entries. I ended up with piles of them that kept falling over and I
got annoyed and tried to put them in a bin and dropped them all over the
floor and then I was just really irritated. Grr.

But that's all done now. So I'm better. It's just one of those days I think.
A Grrr day. My car is having issues that hopefully will be straightened out
today. They think its the coil (?)- not that that means a whole lot to me.
But that's what harry said anyway. So Steve took me to work today and my
grandma is picking me up. I'm missing my class today but hopefully will make
it to tomorrow's. I'm sure I will.

Steve brought me back some sorry-you-couldn't-come-to-Chicago LUSH. The
Honey It's Christmas set and a couple bonus Ruby Red Slippers and hollywood
bubble bath bar and a Floating Island melt. I am super pleased with these
things. i really really really wanted the Honey set. Really-really. It has
all sorts of lovely good things in it. Honey Trap lip balm, which smells so
good and is currently sitting next to me on my desk, Flying Fox shower gel
and a Godiva shampoo bar, a bear shaped honey-toffee soap (pretty much the
HIWTK scent) a bear shaped bomb in the same scent, a Honey Bee Bomb, a Ma
Bar, a jar of Helping Hands hand cream, and a Soft Coeur. And it's all
packaged up so pretty!