November 27th, 2005

coffee cup

Good Morning!

I have just gotten up. I would like to commence with the coffee infusion so that perhaps I will be productive today.

I think I'll get to that now.
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forget me nots

bpal recommendations?

ok my bpal girlies (and guys?)

what can you recommend that's sweet and foody, I'm not as big on the cinnamon smells so much but I don't hate them. Mostly just sweet. I'm ordering a bottle of Sugar Cookie and a bottle of Gluttony (which I tried in an imp on my last order and just totally fell in love with). And I think I'm going to request an imp of Bliss.

The sweeter the better. I like to smell like things I would like to eat. Though I will admit that Lush's pink creamy candy scented stuff sickens me. I seriously almost gagged when I smelled the Snow Fairy shower gel. Blech.

ETA a comment I left in reply to a comment of ophelia's:

I like vanilla (my main 'me' scent is a vanilla bean oil from global scents that I get from the renaissance festival every year that smells like vanilla and incense to me), chocolate, coffee, hazelnut, buttery creamy scents, frosting, cookies, cake, caramel, butterscotch, incense and things that smell like baked good variations on those.

I also love the smell of Lush's Honey I Washed the Kids/Soft Coeur/Honey Bee/Ma Bar

Foody and sweet but more the sickly vanilla-choco-caramel-butter-nuts variety
Come to think of it, that's what I like to eat too!
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forget me nots

Suspiro & Jester

I will try these today, one on one wrist, one on the other

Initially: Floral, nice. I don't know my flowers that well, aside from flowers I know I like. These are flowers I'd like to smell though! I think, at least so far, that if I wanted to smell like flowers... this would be a good bouquet to smell like.

I think flower scents of the perfumy sort tend to make me think of old ladies. I dont know if I want to smell like something that reminds me of an old lady. It is a nice small though and I keep coming back to my wrist, partly to see if it has changed yet and partly because it is nice to smell.

It's starting to fade to a slightly powdery smell. I think I noticed this with the other florals too. Initially it's nice but it's that slightly dusty powdery smell that bothers me a little.

This scent starts to fade fairly quickly I think but it's not fading too powdery. It's retaining the flower scent that I'm liking and it's just soft and kind of what I would think of as lady-like. It's something I'd imagine wearing in the day time dressed nicely and going out for lunch or tea or something. Not that that's necessarily me.

Fades to a nice, soft floral. Not a bad thing. I think I'll have to get more opinions before I decide if I'll keep it.

Final thoughts: This faded pretty quickly and I don't know if I want enough to smell like pretty flowers to bother keeping it. Chances are that if I dont absolutely love it I will not wear it. It's going in the sell pile.

From the bpal site:
A Latin word that means to sigh or draw a deep breath, that also suggests longing, desire, yearning, and a passionate wish. Ylang ylang with white plum, white orchid, jasmine, calla lily and lily of the valley.


Initially: I really like this. It smells very fruity. Like Koolaid Powder. The unsweetened kind. Perhaps Unsweetened Incrediberry Koolaid Powder. Maybe this wouldn't be appealing so much to others but I really think its nice!

Maybe also reminds me of some sort of fruit hard candy or some sort of sour flavored Bubblicious. nothing bubble gummy in scent but one of those sour flavors that just has bubble gum as its base but doesnt taste of it.

Softens a little as it starts to warm. Keeps the same scent though.

Fades to the same scent only lighter. It's rare for a scent to stay the same all the way through on me. This one seems to have though. I believe I'll keep it.

from the bpal site:
Huckleberry and red currant with the incisive bite of neroli.
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