November 4th, 2005


chicago, bleedy, pictures

So we left yesterday for chicago and here we are. Of course on the way I started bleeding. Seriously what's the deal with me menstruating here. It seems like all but one trip ever. So bizarre. So I'm feeling crampy and icky and bleah. And I need some drugs but don't have any on me.

I need to find people to take pictures of. Both because it could give me more good stuff to work with in class and also because I think it would be good for me to talk to people. Talk to strangers. The Navy guy turned out so well. He's a good argument for it.

So far today we got sandwiches at Einstein's and coffee at Starbucks. Now we're at Screenz with Beth for a few. I think we're going to go downtown. Seems like as good an idea as any. I have my new card so I don't have to worry about finding dollar bills and feed them to the machine.