October 7th, 2005

forget me nots

picture bleah, computer woes, allergic to sweater

So yesterday thigns were going pretty well and then they went not so well.

I spent 4 hours printing things and then they started turning colors. I had
one that I had gotten right on the first try and then it started getting
hazy and pinkish-purplish. I was so upset. It was really lovely and then it
was just ick! I don't know what the deal was because it wasn't a new pack of
paper. I was about 3/4 of the way through a 100-pack. All the other things I
had done on previous days had not done that. Other people's prints didn't do
it either. So I'm not sure what the deal is. I'd hate to have to sacrifice
all the paper I have left. So hopefully Linda will be able to tell me what
happened and how to avoid it in the future. So lame!

I did manage to reprint the one picture. And it really is lovely, and I
really do love it. But it wasn't quite the same.

Then I got home and still don't have my computer figured out. It at least
looks better now but there are things that it won't do right. Things it
won't connect to. Some things went fine (msn, google, yahoo, my site's
cpanel) but I couldn't get my email set up. I also couldn't connect to
Hotmail's server, or AIM's, or Trillian's and it was right about that time
that I gave it up for the night.

Today I pulled out a sweater and put it on and then when I got to work I
realized that it smells like my room. I have no idea why this is because it
was in the bathroom with my other clothes. So it's making me all sniffly and
my eyes water and throat itch. And I have to wear it for more than 4 more
hours. Not looking forward to it.

I'm actually tempted to see if I can go home and change when Ken gets here.