September 15th, 2005

forget me nots

schedule, class, ray, cats

It occurrs to me that I am going to be quite sad if I don't start writing
more. It's when I'm busiest and have the most that I ought to be writing
that i find it the hardest to find the chance. I either need to make time in
the morning (which is a little harder now that my schedule is a little
different) or start carrying my paper journal with me and scribbling when I
get a few minutes (would be a little easier when I get my bag made and have
something to carry it *in*).

So lately my scehdule has been something like:
Collapse )

So far I'm emjoying classes, particularly the B/W. Collapse )

Collapse )

I'm sure I left a lot out. Playing catch-up is always difficult.