August 29th, 2005

forget me nots

Renaissance Festival yesterday

Yesterday we went to the Renaissance Festival. (Yay!)

Lots of things to look at. We (of course) watched Ded Bob. (Yay!) We also caught
quite a bit of the Zucchini Brothers. We saw a Mud Fairy sculpting things
out of (surprise!) mud and a living statue. We also saw a dramatization that
included a sword fight. I like the lady who plays the queen. She makes a
good queen. She talked to Steve and I last year or the year before.
Hopefully some of the many pictures I took will turn out well.

I replenished my supply of vanilla bean oil from Global Scents. I got a
decorative bottle and a bottle of simmer lotion both with the scent. I also
got a coupel other oils from a different shop. One that is a blend of
chocolate brownie (that really smelled exactly like brownies!) and fresh (or
french) roasted coffee (that didn't really smell like coffee at all but
that's not a bad thing. It smells nice) and the blend is sort of an
incense-y chocolatey smell. Not quite like (bpal) Gluttony cause it's
missing the other scents but a little like gluttony fades. Only when this
fades you just smell sweet and chocolate. Very nice. I also have a small
bottle of Fresh Laundry. It really smells like laundry dried on the line
just after its brought in. Really neat. I don't plan to wear that one just
to use it to scent other things.

I have a new set of wooden hair sticks with beads at the one end and a
wooden thing that's sort of like a comb and sort of like a stick. It's
straight and 3-pronged and stabs through the hair to hold it in place. Works
really well.

We plan to go back again before the end.
forget me nots

hungry, pre-pay "punishment"

I'm hungry! So glad that I can eat soon. I have soup and salad at home and
that will make me very happy.

Friday's question asked if all gastions should become pre-pay. Several "no"
voters mentioned not wanting to be punished for others' misdeeds. Since when
is pre-paying a "punishment"? Is it really *that* hard?