August 17th, 2005

forget me nots


Got woken up lots last night. Peachie woke me up to let her out twice,
several hours apart but it felt like no time had passed. The half an hour
after the second time she woke me up again to refill the water bowl. I'm a
little sleepy thig morning.

I had lots of dreams. I'm probably remembering more cause of the broken up
sleep. I remember parts where I was being haunted by something. This ghost
or spirit or somehtihng was throwing things at me. it was creepy. I would
hear a noise or.. a voice perhaps saying somehting (its a little fuzzy now)
and then something would come flying at me. it threw what I think was
bubbles filled with liquid and balls and hats and clothes and i dont know
what else. It was dreadfully creepy in the dream.
forget me nots

sugar and the immune system

One interesting thing I read this morning while eating my cereal. Too much
sugar can lower immune system function! Good to know. Guess that's my cue to
start avoiding it. It's a good idea anyway. When I dont have it for a while
I stop missing it. But initially it's not so easy. But I guess it would be
worth my while if i want to try to feel better!