August 10th, 2005

forget me nots

what I did yesterday

It's a very nice feeling morning outside. Now that I'm up early enough to
see mornings I still don't get the chance to appreciate them much because
I'm only up so I can go to work!

Yesterday I took Aubrey her Christmas present and hung out with her and
Avery for a little bit. He is amusing. He's still at an age where he talks
funny. I like this! I think it's kind of sad when they lose it. It is
necessary though. Still sad. I was sad when Mikale started talking more
normally. I like the way he used to say my name. I wasn't there long cause
they were going to the beach. But it was nice to see her. I should see
people I like more often. Not that I see people I don't like now.

I took a nap yesterday afternoon. It was nice. As always, I didn't mean to
sleep as long as I did.

I did my daily f-list reading, worked on my journal project, and looked at
the new posts on the eye shadow community.

It's mail time!
forget me nots


me: you've had a lot of treats today! Ice cream and bubble gum and...

Mikale: I can't help myself!
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forget me nots

Notes from work: guy who wrote letter and lady who came in today

For tesao, who asked what made the letter interesting...

Well, part of it was the fact that he sent it to the Neighbors section and it just has nothing at all to do with anything that we do. But beyond that, I like reading things like that. I like reading snippets of peoples personal things. I like letters, journals, diaries, etc.

But beyond *that* it was drama and error filled.

So he met chick on internet, came to visit her, decided to move in with her. He moved from Indiana to Michigan. He didnt have a job and then he got one but it was a crappy one and paid him $20 for a full day's work.

He gave her some money.

Then he got a better job.

They got engaged. And fell in love. That's the way he put it, in that order. I was amused.

So then he gave her a ring and trusted her with everyhting he had.

He put his first check into her bank account. After that he was making enough money that he said he wanted to pay his part of the bills his next pay day. After two weeks he called her and she said her landlord needed money for the rent the month before or she would have to move. So he gave her his check and had her cash it. She took more than half of it, broke up with him, and kicked him out. So he slept in his car for a while and found a storage place for his things. The woman held on to some of his things and won't give them back. These things include a 10 year old computer and some computer equipment.

So he feels she has stolen his things and his money and then he trusts her to get him insurance for his car. The only catch? She requests that he sign the title over to her.

He's finally mad. And thinks that she is a lying, cheating bitch.

He has full names, addresses, and phone numbers, along with a list of the belongings she has that he wants back. The car isn't listed there so maybe she gave it back!

Also, a lady came in today wanting to put in a wedding announcement for her daughter. She included a black and white wedding proof picture. She mentioned that she had seen that we allow color pictures now for a fee. The she asked "So I'd need to submit a color picture for that, right?", while gesturing to the photo in my hand. She asked several times. It was so hard for me to just nicely say that yes, she would need to submit a color photo in order to have it printed in color.

I mean seriously did she think that we'd sit there and hand color it if she wanted??
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forget me nots


mary: he seems very attached to you today
me: do you like me today?
Mikale: its *mostly* because you got that soft shirt on! It *is* soft.