August 3rd, 2005

forget me nots

when I write, journal project, drugs!

Lately I've been posting more form here than after I get home. I don't know
if this is because I've already said what I had in me to say and then don't
come up with more by the time I get home, of if it's because I end up doing
all sorts of other things when I am at home. I don't suppose it matters
much, just speculating.

Yesterday I got some more work done on my journal project. I finished 1999.
That was exciting. I'm up to January 9th of 2000. It's nice to see that
little by little it is actually getting done. With the new desk it is very
very much easier. Easier on my back, easier on my everything. That was one
thing that kept me from doing more of it before. it was just an awkward and
uncomfortable set up and I could only do so much at a time before it started
to really bother me. No such problem now! Yay!

Yesterday I was itchy and so I took some imitation benadryl (Wal-dryl!). I
was less itchy but then my brain felt all smushy and blah for hours and
hours. It's been years since I've taken it but I remember the feeling. Which
is pretty much why I usually avoid it. Hopefully I'll just stop itching. I'm
glad that's only through parts of the year.

Ok time for doing stuff!