July 18th, 2005

forget me nots

eye, alone, veggies, wedding crashers

Last night when I was just trying to get to sleep I got something in my eye.
No matter what i did I couldn't get it to come out. So eventualy I decided
to just try not to let my eye move while I went to sleep and hoped it would
work itself out while i slept. It did, fortunately, but unfortunately, I
woke up with my lids slightly swollen and crusty-goey-ish. There was goo
crust in my lashes and my eye is red. Hopefully by tomorrow it will be
better. It doesn't look as bad as i feel like it does (i checked in the
mirror) but I'm still all self-conscious about it. My eye juice feels
thicker and stickier than usual. Bleah.

I'm all by my lonesome for the first part of this week because Sarah is
covering for other-clerk and won't be coming in until I'm leaving.

Yesterday was good. We went to see the Veggie Tales Live. It... wasn't as
good as it could have been. There were some parts that made it worthwhile
though. Will write more abotu that later when I'm home.

After that we went to see Wedding Crashers. It amused me. I liked it.