July 15th, 2005

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dream, spiders, coffee yay!

This morning I kept waking up. I had lots of dreams. In one I was trying to
go to work and realized that I was something like an hour later than I
should have been and then i was going in the wrong direction and then I was
at this store and I was riding a bike and still intending to try to be at
work. but i needed to find a place to stash my bike and bag of clothes. So I
was in a staff break room or somehting at this store and there were these
piles of clothes and people kept coming in and taking and leaving clothing
items. I think people stole the clothes I had in my bag because I left it
unattended for a few minutes but i couldn't remember what had been in it so
i wasn't sure. i just knew that there weren't any in there any more and I
thought there had been. So there was a lady who was going to help me. She
was going to sell me a key to use for the day so I could come back and get
my stuff that was goign to be locked up. I dont know what ended up
happening. next thing i remember is trying to find a list of work phone
numbers so i could call in and say i was having car problems (boy was I, if
i was riding a bike!) and was on my way. but I couldn't find the list and I
kept looking.

That might be the first work-related dream I've had so far.

I was watching spiders this morning when I got here. There are huge windows
on the side of the building and you can see them from the stairs. So when
I'm going up to get the ballot box printouts I usually stop to see if there
are any there. Back after i first started there was one warm warm morning
and I saw one building a web. It was so neat looking. I just sat and watched
it for a while. The way the building is situated the sun shines perfectly to
highlight the webs. So this morning I saw one eating somehting. And a few
baby spiders inbaby spider webs, but still so perfectly formed. And one that
was just hanging out.

I had one of the photographers get me a coffee when he went. So now i will
be caffeinated ealier than usual. yay!
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It always makes me sad when people I really really like and/or really really like to read take me off their list (if they keep their entries locked and it matters, that is). I figure even if its probably not something personal... I dont know that for *sure*... and on top of that I no longer have them to read! And that's no good!

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