July 8th, 2005

forget me nots

7/3/05 bus, city, fireworks, walking

Ok now it's time to play catch up! More Chicago with sgfaboo!

On the 3rd we were supposed to meet up with Steve's parents. I wasn't sure why we were going so early since we were going down there for the fireworks and they wouldn't be any time soon. It was early afternoon. But Steve said they wished us down there so we started walking to the train. I requested a snack stop on the way cause I hadn't eaten anything yet and didn't want to get grumpy. So we stopped in Starbucks and I thought I'd get a cookie or something (mmm nutritious breakfast). Instead we got a sandwich to split. It was tasty and I was happier.

We didn't take the train. Instead we followed the advice of Steve's mom. We rode the bus forever and ever and ever. I don't mind the bus though. We got to see lots of people and things. Our route took us through a good chunk of the city and we got a look at things that we wouldn't usually if we were walking or taking the train. We met up with Steve's parents by the planetarium. They had a tent set up and were sitting in chairs passing the time. Steve's mom had books. His dad might have had books too. He also had a radio. And alcohol that he had concealed in a box of cereal bars. Jokes about dad's "special" granola followed for the rest of the day. We sat and hung out with the parents but we had no books or booze so we became bored. We decided to go for a walk. We wandered a ways and had ice cream. We also peed.

By the time we got back Rita and Tomas were there. They're nice people. sgfaboo on Rita: "Rita is one of Chicago's most beloved citizens. She gained her fame by starting a musical institute for the city's poor. She firmly believed that music should be accessible to everyone, not just the fortunate few, and she made that vision a reality. Since then she has been featured by CNN and honored several times." . In short, she kicks some ass.
There were also some people on a blanket near us who Steve's parents met a couple years back. They bugged me. I have no real good reason for this. They just did. They mooched off the food. Steve's parents are nice people too. We sat, ate, hung out, talked, took pictures, and finally watched fireworks! They always make me happy. :)

Sadly Beth was not there because she was still sick and so she stayed home.

After the fireworks, Steve drove Rita and Tomas home.