June 27th, 2005

forget me nots

lots to do and hair cut

I have a pretty good sized to-do list for this week. Mostly involving
cleaning things before we leave for Chicago.

I'm getting my hair cut today. Probably not cut cut but maybe a little
bigger trim than usual. Still working on growing out the damage.
me with bonnie

Saturday- museum, grad party, out with decim8or

Dammit! I just remembered that Steve bought me some sea monkeys and I never started the water purification process. So there are no sea monkeys being born today!

On Saturday we went to a museum in Lansing. They had lots of stuff to play with. So that's what we did. They had a bubble room and slime making activities (I have pink slime. Wee!). There was also a lot of body information that made me remember that I'm not healthy enough. Alas. There was just a good del to play with and learn about. Yay!

Afterward in museum store we looked at things and bought toys. And now I have sea monkeys. I've been wanting some for years. No good reason. I just remember having some twice when I was little and both times they had accidents and didn't end up getting very big. So sad.

We were starving when we left there. So we ate and were happy. Then we went to sgfaboo's friend Kim's graduation party. It was interesting and there was good food. We felt very un-Vietnamese. Probably for good reason. We got to do a good amount of people watching. Her grandma is quite the drinker. I have pictures of her forcing alcohol on other relatives but Steve has my camera and I will get it back later today. Hopefully.

Later on in the night we went out with decim8or and Rick. Matt came and picked us up and we went out to Bay City and drank with some more friends of his. It was a good time. It had been a long time since I went out. Nice for a change. I still don't think I enjoy drinking enough on the whole to bother doing it too often. But a good night is a good night. So I'll go with it :)
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frowny fish

ouchy head

head hurts. I think I need caffeine. But it's too late to have any and I can't think of anyhitng that has any in it that wouldn't make me melt even more. I'm so sweaty :p