June 22nd, 2005

forget me nots

slimy ear

Today the ballot box question was City Council related. Specifically it
asked if a particular member should resign.

590 people voted.
183 of those were voice mail votes.

People *really* don't seem to like her.

Listening to so many for so long made my ear sore and slimy. mmm.
me with bonnie


My BPAL came today! Yay!

I ordered imps of Snake Oil, O, Suspiro, Endymion, Desire, Le Serpent Qui Danse, and Gluttony.
They also threw in a Lolita and a Jester.
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Mix CD swap

Poll #518122 Mix CD swap

If you would like to swap Mix CDs give me your address!

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So who wants to swap??

Comment with anything you really hate enough that you want to make sure it doesnt end up on your mix.
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