June 17th, 2005

forget me nots

allergy-bleah, lull-y day, chilly day

Allergies still kicking my ass today. I think I'm going to need to add in a
decongestant too. Then I can be all spacy woo! I'm feeling a little better
since getting to work. My nose is getting a little sore.

I'm thinking that I might end up looking for things to do later. This is
kind of why I'm writing now, just to be able to put off the mail for a
little while. It doesn't look like there is a lot of it so it won't keep me
occupied for long.

I'm wearing a sweater today. Not a heavy one but its still a sweater. This
is good because I like this sweater but bad cause it means it's chilly
forget me nots

not-quite migraine spots

Today everyhting looks like it wants to be shimmery without the spots
actually reappearing so far. It's like its hovering, not quite there, just
waiting to strike.

I'm glad i set an appointment to see Carolyn. This just isn't normal for me.
me with bonnie

updated images of the moment

Updated "images of the moment" on crushedglass.net.

they are:

  • MadDog snuggling up for a nap with my purse
  • a slug that appeared on the sink. perhaps came in with the strawberries
  • grandma's flowers
  • nursing mama kitty
  • strawberries in the garden
  • smoothie!
  • Current Music
    Bush - Letting The Cables Sleep