June 15th, 2005

forget me nots

head ow and dreams

Jabbing pain at and above my right temple since before i got up today.


Also, I'm curious- Do dreams involving people affect you in waking life?
What if you hated the person in your dream, loved them, were mad at them,
just noticed them. Ever develop a crush just because of a dream? Ever have
trust shaken because of a dream?

How do dreams and dream interactions affect your waking life?
forget me nots

email, head, smoothie, harassment, Mikale

Every once in a while I sign into rarely used email accounts to make sure there's nothing in there that I want but have missed. Gmail says I have 50 invites to give out. Is there anyone left who doesn't have one? I mean that wants one anyway.

I think my head feels somewhat more normal. Still a little tender though. And I'm tired.

I have smoothie. And I made plenty.

Tomorrow at work we have some sort of harassment training. I'm guessing they're going to cover how *not* to harass, rather than how to.

I think its time to go play with Mikale now. If you listen to him it was time for the last 3 hours. He's impatient though.
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ask me.

I think this was a meme that I dont know if I ever did. At any rate I'm doing it for a different reason.

Are there any things about me (or even things you'd liek to have me jabber about) that you ought to know but don't?

Ask away and I'll devote an entry to each.

I feel like writing but can't come up with any suitable topics at the moment. I'm not opposed to letting people in on more of me and my head and stuff... So anything is fair game.
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