June 8th, 2005

forget me nots


So yesterday a Richard Hausbeck called to ask about getting his 50th
anniversary announcement put in. We went through the normal anniversary talk
and then, completely randomly, at least to me, he asked me what kind of
pickles I liked. Then he explained who he is. Hausbeck as in Hausbeck
pickles. I guess he's the vice president. And he said he'd bring me a jar. I
figured it might just have been talk but he sounded nice so I looked forward
to talking to him.

Well he was supposed to be in yesterday and when he didn't get here before I
had to leave I figured someone else would end up helping him out. I told
Sarah to tell him sorry I missed him and that i had looked forward to
meeting him. He seemed awfully nice.

Today when he came in he told me that he had come yesterday but had just
missed me. So he came back today, aparently specifically to see me. Whoever
was here yesterday could have taken the info so he must have opted to come
back. So we got his form filled out, pictures looked over and he left me
with 2 jars of dill pickles.

What a sweet man!

Edited to add: