May 23rd, 2005

forget me nots

dow gardens, joan, chinese, hand pictures

This weekend I stalked flowers and ducks at Dow Gardens. It was lovely
outside on Saturday. We watched lots of Joan of Arcadia. Good stuff. We had
Chinese take out. yay for Chinese food!

Today I had pictures taken of my hands. It helped to break up the morning.
Mondays aren't usually terrible. People don't tend to call or show up too
much. I'll be here until noon. Perhaps I'll see a few more proofs.
forget me nots

grrr at my arms

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Any insight? It's getting to be warmer weather and I do not look forward to feeling self conscious about it and embarrassed to wear short sleeved/sleeveless things. Plus I just dont like how it looks.

ETA: Also note that there are a ton of scars. Those don't bother me nearly so much. I believe they'll fade with time anyway.

Also ETA: I also seem to have similar bumps on my thighs, cheeks, and butt. None of those areas are as bad, perhaps because I exfoliate better/more regularly, and tend to leave them alone more? I'm a freak about my face, so that's bound to make a difference. I decided when I managed to be done having bad skin that I was done and was not going back. So I take care of my face nearly religiously.
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