March 22nd, 2005

forget me nots

went for a walk, found a note

I went for a walk earlier. I always look at things on the ground as I walk. I've found interesting things this way. I saw a folded piece of notebook paper on the ground next to the road. My attention is always captured by such things and I wonder what is it? Is it a note? a letter? a list? a picture? just junk?

So I picked it up and I was not disappointed. It's a note!

2 Kaitlyn
Fm Holly

It reads (as well as I can make it out anyway)


Hey was up not a lot here I am bored and my neck hurts really bad well church was good well learned about how god is just well lunchbox was looken fine mm gurl. now I am all happy and crap because we were snuggling but the funny thing is that he has a grrlfriend but we didn't kiss or nothing like that
well g2g byes

Holly B_____.

if ya wont to"

It was quite a find.
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