January 19th, 2005

forget me nots

hormones, kitty from vet, date last night

Hormones have been out of whack just lately I think. I've been short and bristly and haven't much wanted to be talked to... but there is no way of communicating this... no way of saying hey- this is how I feel right now, and I cannot help it, can you please just not be offended and not push or pull at me at the moment?

I'm picking up MadDog today. I don't much feel like the drive... but he's not going to bring himself home! So this means I need to finish my coffee, find some breakfast, take a shower (and stop being so lazy with that! I was doing great when I had a shower before email policy like I did a while back), and get out of here! I should probably try to hit the post office today and check my mailbox. I haven't in a while and the manditory junk stuff seems to pile up quickly.

I'm up earlier today mostly because the phone wouldn't stop ringing. Several recorded calls from the same place... until I finally just listened through to the end and then pressed 9 to be added to their do not call list. Then a lady from SBC who I was probably a little grumpy with because it was after all those other times of being woken up and she wasn't just getting to the point. In some ways this is nice, she was rather personable but we dont want their long distance. If we *did* want it, we'd have it... but since we got rid of it, it was because we did *not* want it. And I would like to stop getting offered these things. If only there was a way to just get my position out before they start talking. They'd still have to give their speech to do their job.

Steve and I went out on a traditional date last night... dinner and a movie. Both wree good though, and it was nice. I'ts one of those things that seems so overdone.. but then a couple of things come to mind.

1.) we *like* food and we *like* movies. and 2.) there aren't a whole lot of date options around here.

So I guess its robably a good thing that we like food and movies. We saw Spanglish and I liked it quite much. I'm not much for writing reviews on movies so I'll stop there. I'd see it again and I'd recommend it. Those who know me know that that doesn't say anything at all.

I can just tell it's one of those days when I might not be good to talk to. But then, it seems to vary.
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forget me nots


As long as work is pretty sporadic I ought to try to at least do some productive stuff.

A schedule I'd like to put into effect for those days that I'm home.

8:00 or 8:30 am wake up

DDR while coffee brews
Shower after coffee

Spend an hour doing some non computer work/project
Do emailing & LJ
Spend an hour doing some sort of online/ on computer work/project

whatever for rest of day.

Computer OFF at 12:20 AM (I have it scheduled for now... I'll take it off when I can do it on my own)

could work I think... if I apply myself even a little.