January 8th, 2005


ice skating, tree, H&M, The Terminal

I'm not feeling quite awake yet. Yesterday we went ice skating at Millenium Park. We took the train down there and checked the hours and then went to grab some lunch and coffee at a cafe across the street. We skated for a while... it has been quite some time since I've been on skates of any sort. I got back into it though. I want to make a place to ice skate in my back yard. Seriously. I'll have to ask barb if she has any good ideas on how i could recognize my vision.

After skating we walked down the street a bit and looked at the giant lit up christmas tree (right next to santa's house... who knew that he lived in chicago!) We were all set to jump back on the train when I noticed an H&M right there. having just heard about it I had to go in (thanks risala!) They had a lot of good stuff. I found this lovely jacket. yay!

So we finally left when the store closed nad they kicked us out. We stopped at Charlie's for food on the way back and when we got here they had just started watching The Terminal.

I think we're supposed to go to a museum today. I need to get myself motivated then... cause i'm not feelin it so far.
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nature museum

We went to the Nature museum today. My brain is a little tired at the moment and i am hungry.

We looked at all sorts of interesting things though. Bugs nad critters and the grossology exhibit. I'll add a link to that later if I feel ambitious. There was a butterfly room and I took about a half a roll of film in there. I'm liking my new lens.

Dinner is soon. Yay to that!
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