January 4th, 2005

toad in hand

movie, time alone, time with Beth & friends, trivial pursuit

Ok so I didn't end up actually updating again yesterday. Steve and I walked down to Einstein's in the rain for "breakfast". It was so tasty and I so did not want to go back outside. It was cold and raining and I was cold and wet by the time we got where we were going. When we came back I changed back into my cozy pajama pants (theyre cute and have penguins in red scarves on them!) and we started watching "My big Fat Greek Wedding". Steve's dad called before we were done and told him to leave around 3:30 to meet him at work. So we decided to pick up where we left off on the movie later if we didnt get the chance to finish. We watched a little more and then went to the grocery store for sandwich supplies. Steve had to run to catch the train when we got back and i played online for a while talking on AIM and reading my LJ list. When Beth came home she had class but she skipped out early. She picked up her friend Kristin and we sat around talking and looking at take out menus. We ordered chinese food that I didn't eat too much of cause I wasn't terribly hungry. Leftovers work for me where chinese is concerned though. Beth's friend Steph came over too and Steph and Kristin talked while beth and I cleaned out the fridge. There was some scary stuff in there! there are also about 15 bottles of salad dressings and dressing/marinades in there.

Once Steve and his parents got home Steve joined us and we played a pop culture Trivial Persuit. Steve won. Go Steve! I didn't have a chance cause one of the pieces was for a Sports/Games category and I don't think I answered even one of those correctly. There was much laughter and a fabulous time aws had by all.

Steve is having sinus issues and is feeling rather poorly today. :( Poor Steve! I don't know what we're going to do. We had things we wanted ot accomplish today but we'll have to see how it goes.

Right now we're having french vanilla coffee (w/cocoa) and we shall discus.
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extended vacation

Looks like we're staying for a few more days. We'll be returning probably sunday (but definitely no later). Yay for more time!

We're going to finish our movie, perhaps go to the Sanrio store and have turkish food for dinner. yay!

as always send texts and emails.
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