January 2nd, 2005

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half-awake, yesterday- dinner and killer bunnies

my brain is so out of it and half-filled with dream images right now. part of me wants to go back to bed fr a while... but I think I might as well stay p and get ready for the day. My head kind of hurts and I'm full of mucusy gunk. Mmmm.

Yesterday we did a little walking, visited Beth for a while, loked at the special features on the Shrek 2 DVD. We went out for dinner last night to Charlie's Ale House. After dinner Beth's friend came over and we (Beth, her friend, Steve, his mom, and me) played two games of Killer Bunnies. It's always nice to get the opportunity to play.

I think I will go blow my nose more.
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brunch and art and plans for tonight

We went to brunch after Steve's parents came back from church. The food was quite good. I had some kick ass pasta stuff that i want to recreate at home.

We (Steve, his mom, & me) also checked out the Museum of Contemporary Art today. There was all kinds of stuff there on several floors. There was a lot of photography and other arts by Chinese artists on the one floor, on another there were some video presentations, and on the top floor there was a ton of art that I can only describe as interesting. There were so many colors and textures. My brain felt over-stimulated.

Steve made us chicken tacos for dinner (yay steve!) and soon we're ging to head out to catch some improv theater and hit up a club.
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