December 31st, 2004

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morning things, the day ahead.

so here I am, just finished coffee and breakfast and email checking.

I wish anonymous comenters would ID themselves a little, so I'm not left wondering what random people are reading me. So, to all would-be anonymous commenters- please at least sign some sort of name, nickname, place I know you from, place you know *me* from thing at the bottom of your comment. I'd appreciate it ever so much.

I do not know what we will do today. It's early. That's one bonus to getting here and jumping back the hour. it feels later to me but it isn't. We're going out tonight but the hours in between... what to do with them! At least I dont think I'll be lacking for things to wear. Now to work on making those things not fit. In a good way, of course.

Beth has to work today and the parents are still in Saginaw and will be back Sunday. So we're left to our own devices... fortunately we've been here enough that its ok and we will manage. We can get ourselves around pretty well. I shall take pictures as the opportunity arises.

People feel free to text me lots.
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ready to head off

We are getting ready to go and I'm feeling pretty good. yay! I'm sparkly and pretty-fied and so is Bonnie! We're off to Navy Pier and hopefully will have a fabulous time. Yay!
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