December 21st, 2004

christmas ornament

wrapping and trees and tomorrow's to-do list

Some presents are wrapped, hopefully the rest will be finished tomorrow. The tree is up and I took pictures of the whole process. I hope it lasts the night. Steve took me to pick up my car and I got to gawk at christmas lights the way there and back. I made use of things already used to make packages pretty only in new ways... yay! I have a Mad Dog on my lap... that is the kitty named Mad Dog, and not a dog who is mad.

I started out the day having hazelnut chocolate coffee while enjoying a fluffy, lushy, candy-toffee-buttery-chocolaty ma bar bubble bath (I didn't even need to use the whole thing!) and reading celebtiry gossip in a magazine I got for free. This was all good.

Tomorrow I hope to finish the presents, make 3 batches of fudge, and maybe go to Rue 21 during the day. If Steve comes over in the evening, we can make reindeer and bath fizzies. I also need to package up the stuff for François and take all the things I need to mail out to the post office. I also should call my dad sometime int he next day or two and find out what's up for christmas and what time they'll be in. I don't know what time we'll be doing things here... usually earlier (in theory) and then I go there for a few hours and come back here. I know we will have food here and that will be nice, as long as I don't drop the turkey.

Honesty is no excuse for mean-ness and I know this.
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