December 18th, 2004

happy gingerbread

new phone

It's awfully cute. There are a few things it doesnt do that the other one did, butits cuter and its not broken! and really, isnt that what's important :)

so people should again be able to text me through my user info page. Please test it out. I'd actually feel better knowing that its working for sure.

and those who know me should be able to send them through aim again.

I can receive for free so anyone who wants to send, can.

so woo woo!
happy gingerbread

hurt again, and cookies, and intended productivity

My ankle feels like its a bit swollen... only not exactly my ankle, more like under it but not quite my heel. It makes no sense- how I woud have done it or how I would have not noticed doing something if I had.

Steve is setting up for his reception tonight. It unexpectedly came up because the person who was supposed to do it had to cancel due to a family I will be on my own later for cookie baking and crafting.

Right now I have to pee and I should take a shower and then I suppose I ought to think about doing something productive. I have a blister on my finger on my stirring hand. There is much more stirring to go. Hand is not going to be feeling better too soon then.

I'm delicate, it seems.