December 15th, 2004

christmas ornament

today so far

there actually *is* a today so far, and that's great all on its own!

I got up at 9:15, put the coffee on, did a 3 song set on DDR while I waited for it to be done.

I talked to Barb, who was calling to see if my g-ma still needed a shopping partner for today but g-ma is already gone. So I told her that if she still needed to go out, so did I and we could go together. So now I'm finishing the coffee, and I'm going to take a shower and off I will go, list in hand, to brave the stores.

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forget me nots

more of today- car trouble and shopping

I finally got ready and left the house close to 11:30. I had lots of snow to clean off of my car and that took me a while. The first place I drove was to the gas station cause I didn't figure I had enough to get me to Barb's and back. I filled the tank and I was glad I got it for cheaper than the last few times I've had to.

I didn't get too far when my car stopped going. I pulled over and turned the key off and attempted to start it again. It did not start. So I called Barb and she came and picked me up. We went shopping and I accomplished much. I bought my grandma things and bought a few other things I needed and didn't spend a terrible amount of money. Always good. We got back around 4 and that's when harry got home so we all went and picked up my car on the trailor. It's still undecided what its problem is. They're going to keep it for a few days. Hopefully it will be something not expensive and not difficult to fix.

I will have to find some other way to get around with my shopping. Steve would be a good bet... except some of what I need to get is for him. I still have to get a few more things for other people too. Perhaps tomorrow I'll finish doing the things around the house that I can do. Make bath things, pack packages, clean the living room, make kitty toys. Plenty to accomplish.
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