December 14th, 2004

forget me nots

drinks and to do lists and today's little details

I think I should go make myself a drink and try to get to bed at a reasonable time tonight.

I also need to make my list for this week.

... toddling off to make the drink then we'll move on...

.... ...... ....... ....... .....

ok now I have a hotpocket, and my cup of hot buttered rum is cooling a bit. iI may have 2. we'll see. I'm determined that this shall not be another uo til 5 am night.

ok... thinking about my next drink already. I too easily manage ot distract myself... reading t's stuff brings up some memories that I may go more into as my own anniversary comes up. And maybe I won't. We'll see.
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won't be so bad if I manage to break it down by day. Tomorrow is Tuesday. I should go to Family Dollar & Save a Lot... and head out the Bay Road way if I feel that ambitious. (Matt you're welcome to do stuff with me if you have any free time)

I love the Sweater Song... always have. Still do. I'm ok with this. By the time I complete an entry my song has usually changed at least a few times. I'm slow at my typing... moreso when I'm composing lists and answering messages and getting up fo rmore rum... which hasn't actually happened yet but will in a moment.

..... ....... ...... ...... (these are dots implying that I am gone doing something. I used to put them into written letters... still would probably, if I wrote any)..... ....... .........

and now I am back.
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christmas ornament

new year's eve in Chicago

what I'm doing:

"93XRT/Michelob Ultra New Year's Eve Rock 'N' Roll Ball
Live music from Big Head Todd and the Monsters, food, drink and unbeatable views of the fireworks at Navy Pier's Grand Ballroom.

In Short
Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Robert Randolph and Michael McDermott rock the ballroom stage while DJ Roland spins all night in the Tom Tom Lounge. Martini and specialty food stations will be available throughout the venue. Ballroom party packages ($67) include 10 food and drink tickets, ballroom and lounge access and party favors."

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