December 9th, 2004

forget me nots

today and today's little details

sleeping late always makes me feel tired, like I cant sleep it away... and then the next day I'm also draggy and sluggish, unmotivated... and half the day is gone!

today I was going to get up earlier... but then i was up later (earlier? somewhere in there I passed late and hit early again) and it jsut didn't happen. so tonight... to bed earlier and up earlier than I want to be tomorrow.

Lately I think I've spent too much time online not doing much of anything... I dont want to be like that again.

I walked yesterdaya nd that helped.

now I'm having my first coffee of the day and feeling like the day is already wasted.

would peope be terribly bored if I wrote out more details of my day? my days are probably boring... but I'm thinking I'd like to write them anyway. Perhaps I'll just cut them.

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I made bath salts yesterday. They're pretty and colorful and smell quite nice. I hope theyre strong enough for the bath though.
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