December 4th, 2004

baby snow man

today mostly

I finished reading my list... didn't have as much for catch up as I sometimes do. Now I'm listening to Bach cello and talking to Vy. Steve is setting up for the christmas party we're going to DJ tonight.

someone just signed on to aim that is in my "people I know" list... which typically means I know them in my offline life. but I dont recognize the name (CRYC 6154)

We (I) played the Bard's Tale last night and went walking and then came back here and watched a movie. I had many dreams and I wish I remembered better... I remember being in my elementart school again for parts of them. There is a row of lockers that ends up in my dreams from time to time and I don't know why. Odd!

My hands are cold and my typing is worse on this keyboard. Grr to that.

We walked today for a bit.