November 19th, 2004


work and work

so yesterday:

It wasn't a bad day... it realyl helped that I knew names. (I knew most of them by the end of the first day)

At one point Marissa told me "Adrion took my pencil!" and I asked him "Do you have her pencil?"
He answered, "They're the same!"
I cocked my head to the side... trying to figure out how this was relevant or in any way an answer to my wuestion and asked him again.
Same answer.

After my 3rd or 4th time asking him he finally said that yes, it was her pencil and I told him that he ought to give it back to her then.

They had music and the music teacher was out so there was a sub for that too. The sub woman came to the classroom. I was supposed to have a half-hour break then but I didn't really have anything else to do for that half-hour anyway so I stayed int he room to try t keep them on task a little better. During that time a fat pencil, a little stubby pencil, and an eraser were taken from Adrion and Marissa. I don't know who lost what.

When it got to be time to dismiss I was calling people individually to put up chairs, go to lockers and then go sit on the carpet. I called according to who was being the most quiet. When I called Alex, Antonio told me that he (Alex) had taken a handful of his(Antonio) crayons and he still had them in his desk. So I asked Alex if this was true and he told me no and I asked him again if he had any of antonio's crayons. I asked if he was sure and asked if he might want to check his desk and make abslutely sure. I let him go and he was crying. He wouldn't go sit on the carpet and instead stood by the door until it was time to go. I thought it was silly. I just wanted to give him ample opportunity to give back anyhting that wasn't his. He didn't even get that upset over having his name on the board!

When everyone was lined up int he hall and I was about to join them, I looked down and found Adrion there. He asked me if he could have his pencil back and I at first told him no and that he could just get it toorrow because it was time to go. He wasn't going to budge and kept insisting and eventually I asked him why. He told me that his grandma had no pencils and he wouldnt have a pencil there so he needed to get it back. So I said ok fine and went and got the two that were sitting there. I asked him if the little stubby one was his and he said yes and I asked, "or are they both yours?" He hesitated a little and said yes again. He looked like he maybe wasn't being truthful and so I told him that I would leave that one behind til the next day because I wasn't sure it was his since he had Marissa's earlier. I told him I'd let Mrs. McBride sort it out with him the next day and if it *was* his then he could get it back. He cried anyway... all the way down the hallway and out the door.

and today:

I stubbed my toe on the couch this morning. That sucked. It hurt very much much. I thought I might have messed it up more but it seems to be more or less back to the way it was pre-stubbing so thats good... I guess.

Also, I found this on my wrist when I woke up. I thought it was weird. Looks like some small fanged thing bit me... but it seems like I would have noticed.

This morning I had to be there at 7:30 but there wasn't even anyone in the office when I got there. I don't know why they have subs come in way earlier than necessary. I didn't even have to pick up the kids until 8:25. I had a class of all boys (the lady nixt door has the class of all girls). There were 17. It appears that Longfellow has a pretty strict dress code. Almost to the point of uniforms. Everyone wore cream/tan or navy slacks with white, navy, or light blue polo type shirts. For the morning I had all sorts of things for them to do so I was able to keep them busy. They had reading from 9 til 11 and that included reading work, vocab work, written work, a spelling test and some overheads. At 11 I started math and they were still working on that when I was done at 11:45 (I was supposed to be done at 11:30 but the teacher didn't return til 11:45).
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I also remembered a fragment of dream when I was passing by Jake's mom's bar yesterday going to pick up my grandma.

I was at their house but Jake wasn't and I don't think i was there to see him and I don't know what I was doing... laying on their couch or somewhere with a blanket or soemthing? I was somewhere comfortably and acting liek I lived there or something and Jill was telling me that I needed to go home... in her way thats both polite but crabby-snippy. And after I left, I talked to Jake... either I saw him on my way out or he called me and he was asking me what i was doing there... it was odd!
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