November 17th, 2004


work to go to and me...

Getting ready to head to work. I have to be out the door in about 5 minutes.

Its always interesting when I see the things that someone thinks of me... of who I am. but it almost always makes me start. because in many ways I see myself so differently than other people do. And it makes me wonder... do they just not know me as I do (which is my first thought) or am I just deluded and think I'm different than I am! I don't like self doubt like that.

I do know that I feel that i come across dull... plodding and not very open to change or spur of the moment things... and I wonder at that too. Because its not that I'm unwilling.. I guess I just too often get sucked into my world and dont come up for air. Its too easy to become content just being and forgetting that there are other things you shoudl be doing. Or maybe thats just me and reflective of the times tat i'm quite sure I spend depressed. What else can one think about days upon days where its an accomplishment (and one not always met) to bathe and dress each day...

hmm. things to think about but right now I have to and play teacher.
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forget me nots

school and post office and mail

Today was alright. A kid threw up at lunch but seemed to be ok after that. They are fairly well behaved kids. If anyhting some of them have trouble settling down and staying seated most of the time. I've had worse.

I have one more day. I need to find out tomorrow if it will just be half-days or if I will get more because I start before lunch... so it keeps me from being able to do anything in the morning. I'll have to see.

I got my bag from Shelle today (thank you!!). My grandma seemed unimpressed :( Well *I* like it.

I stopped at the post office today and had a slip in there telling me I needed to give them more money. It doesnt seem like it has been a year.. but I suppose it has. I also had to provide them with a secondary ID. Fortunately they accepted my CMU ID... I didn't have anything that they listed as acceptable secondary ID except that and it's not even current. But that's all taken care of now and I'll be able to receive mail at PO Box 361, Bridgeport,MI 48722-0361 for another year (yes that might just be a hint)

Some might wonder why, if I want some mail there, I don't just list that address on the Postie List. I have no good reason for this exceot that I liek to get mail at home too and the PO Box is mostly so I can still get mail even if I'd rather not give out my home address and Busties are trusted.

I'm still thoughtful though it was on other things on my way home. I may have forgotten them mostly.

Mary will probably want to come walk tonight. Its not cold. That will pretty much be the end of my day though, if she does.
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I think I will make myself a cup of hot chocolate... or maybe some herbal tea. I think tis too late for caffeine. I will aim for midnight for a bedtime. I will get up at 8 and have a few hours to play with in the morning before I have to go off to the first graders.

Mary and I walked 4 rounds today. Not too bad. I should get out the DDR but I don't know if my foot is yet up to it. My KittyKitty is hanging out under my desk.

I need to acquire some watercolor paper.

I've been listening to radio paradise lately. I always dig it but I go through spurts where I just don't listen to much of anything. Youd think I would given how I feel and have always felt about music. I wish to acquire a clavinova. for many reason I think it would be more practial than something real... though something real is what I more want... just not what I have now. for assorted reasons. I don't know when I'll be able to manage it though... it will be quite spendy. I have what I want all picked out and ready to go onto a list somewhere... things I wish I had...

cocoa time.
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