November 15th, 2004


veils and such

We went looking at veils today but only ended up checking one place. It gave me some idea though of what I want to try to do. The cost of materials vs. the potential price of the final project is just freakin ridiculous. I want in on this. I bought materials to make a couple veils and I'm going to try my hand at it very soon. Then I'll just have to find a way to sell them so I can afford to try some more. I will make pretty things, I know it.

It's cold in my house.

I'm tired and chilly and I'll probably read a couple short stories before I head to sleepyland.

I would also like a Clavinova. Must find way of acquiring one asap. My fingers have the itch.

More tomorrow on my continued efforts to kill myself (sure seems like that's what my self is working on, anyway).
forget me nots

to do today

I'm clearing off the camera.

My desk needs to be cleaned... I really ought to do that today. I also should shower and make a veil. I have this nice Monday open for me to use for things... So I should!

Pictures will follow soon. I'm resizing.