November 14th, 2004


fire and weekend and plans for today

Last night I saw a fire and took pictures of it (it was on Davenport, for anyone who would know or care)

By chance (we were acquiring pizza) I was there right after the first couple trucks and so I got pictures well before any most. Sadly they probably aren't anything to spectacular.

There was a woman who lived in the building who owned a cat... I hope kitty is ok. They do have a tendency to survive when one would think they couldn't, though.

Pictures will follow soon.

I have a headache. I don't now if its sinus or not. It feels a bit that way. We had wine and cookies and movies last night. But it shouldnt be headache from wine, there was not nearly enough of that for all *that*.

I have just had coffee and I shall soon have another cup. I think. Or perhaps I'll share it with Steve.

Today we are going to pretend we are going to be married so I can scope out bridal veils and perhaps make them and sell them for more money than I currently seem to be having.
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