November 3rd, 2004


work (Herig Elem.)


and thats all I have to say about that.

I worked today at Herig in a 1st grade classroom. They were cute. They had art for the first hour that I was there. The art teacher sounded just like Jake's sister Casey. She did a craft project with them and I thought... wow thats great. She got paid for that! I mentioned something to that effect but I think she took it wrong and she said something about having to follow state guidelines... I wasn't trying to belittle her job I just thought that it was mega-cool that she could get paid to do craft projects with elementary schoolers. Ah well.

My grandma cooked. Yay!

I also spent $28.80 on gas on my way home :(

working tomorrow

Working tomorrow... and its supposedly a really really long term assignment... but I dont think it will be. I think that after a certain amount of consecutive days in a position they have to pay you more and it seems liek they would probably try to avoid that. Also, I would think that they might try to find someone qualified to teach the class since its such a long stretch of time. starting tomorrow and (supposedly) ending January 14. There is also a possibility that it was entered into the computer wrong. No matter what, I'm going to hope for the best, but I won't be surprised if they break the bad news to me tomorrow when I show up.

Oh! and I made the icon earlier... isnt he cute?! :)