October 22nd, 2004

forget me nots


Hey neat! We just had a door to door salesman! He was selling some sort of way-too-expensive cleaning spray. It was cool and stuff but not for $64 a gallon.

He was also doing better before a part of his demonstration where he used the stuff on ink. He scribbled on this cloth he had and said "now how would you feel if I had done that to your favorite Britney Spears t-shirt? hahaha!"

What the fuck does he think- that I'm 12???

One might probably imagine, I did not take him up on his "deal" of an offer.

Ah yes, and work. Today 5 kids showed up. Within half an hour I wanted to beat up the problem child. There was a staff meeting so I had the kids for an hour and 1/2. Two actually showed up late so I started out with just 3 of the boys in the weight room cause the gym teacher had to be at the staff meeting too. Well Problem Child was bouncing around the room like a deranged frog. He was leaping and running and climbing. While jumping over a weight bench he kicked me hard. Bleah. >:(

For that whole time he was mouthy and disrespectful and swore like Iwasn't even there... or rather worse, like I *was* there but he just blatently didn't care. I hate that. I didnt have to have him for the rest of the day though cause the other teacher kept him in her room. Not looking forward to going back Monday.