October 21st, 2004


work, matt, chai, food, bar

tomorrow and the next day I will be working. Ruben Daniels is nice to work at usually cause they don't tend to suck. Yay to that. Woo!

I hungh out with Matt tonight. He came over and I made us chai, we went to his house for a bit so he could show me his halloween costume... its definitely something! We went to Media Play so he could get something for Scott and I said hi to drmark. I dig him... he seems so nice!

We got soem food at Chili's (which wasn't as good as it shoudl have been), got me some M&Ms at 7-11 and then went to Retro Rocks and had a few drinks. Joel was working and made me tasty pineapple things.

Now I need to sleep because I have to get up and be teacherish tomorrow. But not til 10 so thats good.
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forget me nots

work- changed hours.

This morning I got up at 8:40, intending to leave an hour later to get to work by 10. I got a call at 9 fromt he lady in the office tellig me that the assignment was being changed cause whoever had entered it in had entered it wrong and instead of working for the High School, I'd be working in the Middle School program which has hours from 8 until 2:25. So she told me not to kill myself trying to get there but to try to get in asap. So I did.

The Middle School program has 7 students total and they are usually split up boys and girls separately and switch back and forth between two teachers, I was being one of those teachers today (and will be tomorrow and monday too). 5 out of the 7 were not present so we had one boy and one girl. The girl came in and did her work quietly. The boy did not. He talked and talked and talked... he was nice though but didn't focus or stay on task very well at all.

I was glad to be done at 2:25 instead of 5 something. I told them in the office that Ruben Daniels is my absolute favorite place to work so the nice office lady took down my name and nuber to have on file so they can request me specifically. So yay to that!