October 19th, 2004

forget me nots

work: notes on today


No Advisory
1st hr: 8:44-9:36
2nd hr: 9:40 - 10:32
3rd hr: 10:36 - 11:28
LUNCH: 11:28 - 12:08
4th hr: 12:12 - 1:04
No 5th hr
No 6th hr

Today I had:
  • students throwing paper balls at each other
  • students shouting
  • students yelling
  • students screaming
  • students yelling out into the hallway
  • unauthorized phone use

In 2nd hour (the worst by far) a girl named Angel (ha!) was annoying people with some phallic looking plastic thing. She was also swearing up a storm and had the nerve to ask me "who is you talking to?!?" with the attitude and the head sway when I said something to her about it. She did later come back and apologize to me and give me a hug. Middle schoolers are weird.

I did have one class that wasn't too bad and they actually ended up with candy at the end. I also had two boys who stayed after 4th hour to help me clean up. I thought it was really nice of them.

After I was done for the day I spent an extra 2 hours and some creating worksheets for the classes tomorrow and preparing a lesson plan. I didn't want whoever they get for the class to just have to go in there with nothing for them to do. It's bad enough when they do have work!

I had never made worksheets before so I was actually pretty excited when I was all finished :)