October 18th, 2004

forget me nots

cedar point

Saturday I went to Cedar Point with Nikki. She worked there for several years and its nice to go with someone who knows a ton about the place and where just about everything is located. I checked out stuff I never had before. Some rides were closed but we got to go on a lot. We rode the Wicked Twister twice, the Iron Dragon, the Gemini, the Magnum, the Mean Streak, and also the train, the paddlewheel boat tour, and the Scrambler.

We went through 2 haunted houses and checked out a couple shows.

There was a comedy/magic show that I didn't find terribly magical or comedic but it had its moments. At the end the guy gets inside a huge red balloon and when he's holding the opening from the inside it looks like a huge red anus. It was really something. Then he pokes his head out and waves an arm and it just made me think of someone with a little man stuck in his ass. I'm not sure that I got my amusement where I was supposed to but at least I was amused!

We also went to the Monsters Rock show. That was really cool. They were great musically, were all decked out like monsters and with different outfits and glitter and and such. Their showmanship was fantastic. They did a variety of different rock, some old some newer, and some new. A big yay to the Monsters Rock show.

After dark they opened the two monster-filled sections where you can walk through much fog and colored lights (making it actually quite difficult to see in some places). The monsters walk around in the sections and jump out or follow people around. I had one come up behind me and snarl in my ear. Eep! One was called the Fright Zone and seemed to just have assorted monsters, including some werewolves cause aparently Werewolf Canyon was closed for the evening. The other section was CarnEvil. There were creepy clowns and creepy sideshow looking people and just more assorted monsters. The section was set up in a carnival theme with colored tents and different things to look at, including a bunch of clown skeletons floating in the windows of the pool.

I had a really good time and I'm glad I got to finally check it out all decked out for halloween. Yay!
forget me nots


Today I'm taking Peachie to the vet to check her out. i was planning to take her soon just for a general look over. She turned 13 this year and I figured it would be a good idea. But now she actually needs to go. I'm wondering if maybe she has an ear infection. She's been digging right under her ear and then coughing. So sometimes for a while she will dig-dig-dig, cough-cough-cough, dig-dig-dig, cough-cough-cough, dig-dig-dig, cough-cough-cough, and so on...

Mary will be coming over later to walk. I talked to her last night. She called me quite late. She had taken an Ambian and sounded drunk. Must be some good stuff.
forget me nots


Just got back from taking peachie to the vet. She has a sore nder her ear and she's been coughing. He figures she started itching perhaps because of fleas and then the spot got infected. So I have medicine to give her and stuff to put on it. She also had her anal glands drained. Poor Peachie! It looked quite unpleasant.

If she starts breathing hard or coughing more then I'm supposed to call right away and I'm also supposed to call on Wednesday to let him know how she's doing. Dr. Hegenauer is cool like that.