October 16th, 2004

forget me nots

band classes suck.

assorted notes on yesterday:

  • The teacher left instructions that the kids were supposed to go to the library and have computer free time. I'ts good that he didn't have them playing with a sub there but those were the only plans he left. There were nowhere near enough computers for everyone to have one and it was still the library, which meant that they needed to be quiet... something that seems a little alien to most of them. I swear they are unable to whisper. A terrible skill to lack!

  • Kids have terrible attitude with each other. That's usually somewhat entertaining to watch. There were kids fro other classes in there too some hours and so that was even more people to interest myself with. There was one girl who just kept yelling at mostly this other girl "Git away from me! Dang!" she was rather surly looking, and a little pudgy and homely to boot. I hope one of things improves for her cause all three together are just going to do her no good!

  • A kid in one of my classes asked me if I was indian cause there are some (native american) indians in his family tree a ways back with my last name. I thought that was neat. Much better than people constantly asking me if I'm related to Derek Fisher. Seriously. I get asked this ALL the time at these middle schools.

  • We were thrown out of the library twice before all the kids even got in they were so loud. School administrators (several throughout the day, including the principal!) had to come in and talk to them and get them to be quiet.

  • At the end of the day I was so ready for it to be done. As I was walking out a kid came up to me and asked to use the phone and I said no. He countered with "but Mr. (teacher) lets us use the phone!" and I said "why don't you just go use the phone in the office?" (since he wanted to call his mom) and he said that they charged you to use the phone. This is where I should have said ok but hurry up. I didn't though and I feel a little like a punk for it. I told him "Well then you'll have to find a nice teacher to let you use their phone. Right now I'm not feeling terribly nice. I wanna go *home* :( "

  • There is a lady who is a teacher there who has the same name as the street I live on. It turns out she's related to the family (I think my street used to just be a drive with several houses owned by the same family and little by little the land was sold and they made it a street) and her mother-in-law owns the house next to mine. She's not living there any more. She moved to a community living place I think.

I'm going to Cedar Point with Nikki today and she should be here very soon. More on that later.