October 8th, 2004

forget me nots


(from an email)


-its day one on my jeans (meaning they're clean) and they're loose. and I ought to be at my fattest for the month.

-my class is small

-they are not sucky

-the aide chick (erika) is nice and friendly and not scary

-saw Dave and Todd today and both said hi and were nice and friendly


-my goddamn pants are falling down, foiling my attempt at saving them for today cause they'd be fresh, and in theory, still tight (hard to complain about this too much though, really, much of a pain int he ass as it is)

-I'm still crampy (but I *do* have drugs, helping with this considerably

-I still have half a day to go (but they're not bad so it shouldnt be unpleasant)

see? even my bad isnt too bad

I am still emotional and weird though. alas.