October 7th, 2004



Today I woke upfeeling squishy which let quickly to me feeling crampy and bleah. But at least I ought to be bleeding out any unpleasant feelings I'm having as well. No more monster comingout of my mouth to bite at Steve, no more loser mode... as soon as I get past the ick of today. I had ice cream for breakfast and now I just feel gross. It seemed like a good idea at the time.. junk just doesn't do me well though usually... and never does. I ought to learn! :)

So now I have my coffee and I'm just going to take things easy today. I shoudl probably shower soon cause I know I'll feel better if I do. I might get my check today... if not today then hopefully tomorrow. Soon! Charter wants some money, and AT&T will want some soon enough as well. Then maybe I'll be able to soon get a non jacked up phone! This is I believe what I'm probably going to try to get. It has most (if not all- I'd have to talk to somone before I got it) of the features I wanted that the other phone has.
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