September 23rd, 2004

forget me nots

work notes

Today when I got to school I was informed that the system had called 3 people for that same job. So the lady in the office looked for other places for me and for the other girl who was an extra. We both got reassigned though so that was good. I was put into a room with another sub who was leaving after half a day and I'll be on my own for the second half of the day. This works out well since most of it is taken up by lunch and prep period. So I'll have one class when I go back. The kids aren't too bad either so that pleases me. This means I don't have a guaranteed job for tomorrow though. I'm going to ask them in the office before I leave this afternoon if they'll let me know if anything comes up for tomorrow.

There was a kid in 1st hour using a little bunny pencil. When I asked him if those were bunnies on his pencil he made sure to let me know that it was one he had borrowed from the tin on the shelf next to him and not his own. That amused me.

If I had brought a book with me today I don't know if I'd have come home for the extra time. i probably ought to always bring one just in case. Today i didn't have a whole lot to do during class either. I sent a chunk of time comtemplating how my sweater thing was made... it looks crocheted in places but knit in others and I don't know enough about either to be able to make the call. I also wrote a bit and listened to various conversations going on in the room. I heard some kid talking about pigs feet gumbo... not too much else of interest caught my ear though.
forget me nots

walking, sub jackpot

I forgot all about what I came here to write after reading one of my LJ lists. Dammit. So lets see.

I just got back from a long long walk with Mary. We walked much, talked much. We went all the way down Baker to the Dixie and walked down to the truck stop and then back to my house by way of the school street.

When I got home today I checked the online sub system to make sure I wasn't still listed for tomorrow to work since they changed my assignment once I got to school. I was changed so I clicked the "check available jobs" link just to see if anyhting would come up and a huge list popped up. It was like I hit the substitute job jackpot or something. So I picked out a full day job for a teacher I've subbed for before (who was also my teacher for 2 years when I was still at Handley (Mrs. Schulz for anyone who would know or care)). I should check that more often!