September 22nd, 2004

forget me nots

September 22 is...

  • Dear Diary Day
  • Elephant Appreciation Day

Now it is time for sleeping. I hope to not sleep away tomorrow...

I spent a bunch of time creating and entering things into a calendar on/for just cause I felt like doing it. It's linked from the main page.
forget me nots

elephant appreciation day- link

this amuses me. I particularly like the little "I heart elephant" icon in the corner.

Elephant Appreciation Day was declared beginning in 1996 by Mission Media to celebrate the Elephant because...

  • is the largest land mammal of our era,
  • is unique among mammals for its trunk,
  • is the most noble of beasts on earth,
  • is most undeservedly threatened with extinction,
  • has been man's benefactor in numerous ways throughout history,
  • is entertaining and amusing,
  • is gentle and friendly,
  • contributes to ecosystem development and maintenance,

and generally deserves to be appreciated and upheld as an example of courage, strength, self-reliance, patience, persistence, and general high quality of being.

dream, Matt, work tomorrow

I see the LJ update page seems to be different... made me temporarily forget what I came to write. I actually have a few things. I'm glad i got the chance to jot down on paper the dream I woke up form this morning. I never had the chance to type it out after that and it would be long gone by now. So now here it is:

I was at a school... supposedly in school. Some cross between high school and college. So I'm not sure where it was supposed to be. I had some worry because I was only aware of going to one out of 4 of my classes. But I don't think I was too worried about the others because they were easy subjects (?). I don't actually remember the class parts too well, though that was a substantial chunk of dream... but after class I walked home when I should have waited for my grandma to pick me up... or I should have met her and didn't. When I got home I saw that her car was gone and started running back to see if I could find her or if maybe we'd pass each other on the road. I think I didn't want to worry her...

I walked past my old street and went down it.. wanting to visit I guess. In this dream the house was gone but not the garage
(which we didn't in reality have)... the fence was still there but all open and 3 of our dogs (that werent really our dogs but were supposed to be in the dream). They were looking skinny and rough and not quite right. One had some sore spots and thin fur spots. i sat down and petted and hugged the largest of the dogs, calling for Baby... though none of them looked like she really looked.

As I was hugging and petting the dog a car pulled up in the "driveway". I expected the people inside to ask me who I was and I would have told them that its my house and that those are my dogs.... but they didn't ask. 3 women were in the car I think.

Then I was at the Millet Center (?) and I I had to go to work there but I was crying and crying and crying... and I was expecting someone to ask about my tears, but no one did... though I was standing in a line of people- older women mostly I think...

It was an odd dream.

I went out with Matt today for lunch and then we walked around the mall... so many clothes I'd love to have. I love to touch and feel them as it is. Steve came over for dinner and then we walked a bunch.

I have to work tomorrow (which is Checkers Day btw- I have lots of these holidays listed on the new calendar.) at Webber Middle.... for a band class with no teacher. Sounds horrible really. It's a 2 day assignment. On one hand the money will be good... on the other, it has the potential to be lame at the very best. I guess even not too bad wouldn't be too bad. Better then terrible! :)