September 21st, 2004

forget me nots

work, walk, coughing

Work was fine... that class usually is. I got there and went down to the ADL (adult daily living) room and they did their duties and brushed their teeth. Back int he classroom we did some counting/money worksheets and some matching exercises. They did some folder worka nd then had freetime for the rest. There were 3 other people in the classroom almost all the time so that also helped.

I left my water bottle there. I hate it when I do that :(

I stopped at Aubrey's on my way home but she was at work.

Mary and Mikale came over after I was home for a bit. Mary and I walked a few miles. Yay to that.

I just took some more of my brain-shut-down syrup so I should think about sleeping soon. Sleeping and not coughing.
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forget me nots

ah sales calls...

How peculiar! I answered the phone and a female voice greeted me and asked if she could talk to Jean. I said she's not in right now and could I take a message. She said -oh, is this his wife? I said um... Jean's a woman.

And she promptly hung up on me.
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